When providing Design-Build services, DCI works with a quality team of engineers, architects, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure on-time delivery of the project.  Design-Build offers all of the benefits of Construction Management, as well as helps to ensure that the project is completed within budget.  DCI has a network of partners that can provide the Owner with well thought-out and efficient designs, as well as superior construction services to meet their specific needs. 

It is important to note that the design-build method, while not focused on saving the owner construction costs, nonetheless often saves the owner money on the overall project. The combined effects of carrying a construction loan (which typically carries a higher interest rate than permanent financing) and an earlier useful on-line date usually yields considerable overall profitability to the project and may make seemingly unfeasible projects into genuine opportunities.

The compression is an important aspect of the implementation of this system. Other attributes include:

  • Enhanced communication between the service provider and the client,
  • Increased accountability by the service provider,
  • Single source project delivery, and
  • A value based project feedback system

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